System Architecture

Information systems discovery, software and hardware needs, database design, and scaling strategy.

Branding and Marketing

We take you from idea to market. We help our partners develop their brand and marketing strategy.


From proof of concept to full delivery and maintenance - we scale with you as you grow.

Due Diligence

We can help you validate technology, team, or approach for potential investments.

Selected Opus Logica Partners

We use common sense and technology to meet real needs.

OurDesign is a collaboration marketplace, bringing home improvement professionals together with homeowners and providing a platform for builders to showcase their portfolios. Opus Logica designed and build the OurDesign platform.

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The VCI combines scan test software with a wireless PC-to-vehicle connection for in-depth automotive diagnostics. Opus Logica designed and implemented a single hardware/software platform that completely emulated the previous diagnostic platform and allows new product integration.

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Follow My Vote's ambition is to build a secure online voting platform for election transparency. Transparency into our elections without compromising voter privacy, and a way to mathematically prove that the elections results are accurate.

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RIS develops and delivers a best of breed inkjet cartridge refill machine. Opus Logica designed and implemented all of the software in the machine, and received patents on design and ink refill processes. RIS machines can be found in Costco, Frys, and other major retailers in US, Canada, Mexico, and the UK.

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Jobspeaker is job search for human beings. Tools for students and professionals in their search, for educators as they help students, and for employers to find, communicate and ultimately hire the right candidates. Opus Logica designed and built the Jobspeaker platform.


OurVoice is a trans-media news and information system that provides compelling and balanced coverage of our most pressing global issues, engaging and inspiring people to become involved in positive actions for resolutions. Opus Logica is designing and building the OurVoice platform.


We built a solid foundation in computing sciences at MIT's AI Lab and
UCSB's College of Creative Studies. Then we left to do some work.

Brian Fox | ceo/partner

Brian was the first employee of the Free Software Foundation, the first member of project GNU, wrote everyone's favorite shell, built the first online banking software, created a web programming language a decade before rails, and just won't stop building the future.

Kris Washburn | cmo/partner

Kris has patented and rolled out products nationally and marketed them to consumers and businesses. He brings his considerable expertise to bear for every OLI partner. Kris raced motorcycles at the highest level of amateur competition.

Alexander Kehaya | cro/partner

Alex is passionate about education, entrepreneurship, and investing. He joined Opus because he loves working with small motivated startup teams who want to have a positive impact on the world. He is an instructor at UCSB's Technology Managment Program, and has successfully founded several companies of his own.

David Amaral | art

David spun records for 15 years at underground clubs. He holds a BFA and is classically trained in drawing and painting. He has designed Fortune 500 sites for Microsoft, Epson, J2 Global, Deluxe and Sony Pictures.

Khrystle Rae | technology

Khrystle is a rockstar, full stack webdev and an avid cyclist and runner. She co-owns METALMTN Premium Cycling and has been known to do ultra-marathons. On trails.

Alex Bundy | technology

Dr. Bundy is a philosopher, programmer and musician. His research interests include language, metaphysics, epistemology, and aesthetics.

Saskia Essex | user experience

Saskia is a multidisciplinary creative designer and visual storyteller, passionate about user experience and design in all its forms. A graduate of a Master of Design degree from the University of New South Wales, she taught and lectured there following her degree. She has designed solutions for some of the biggest brands in Australia including Foxtel, Telstra and the ABC.

William Berman | technology

William Berman is a computer programmer and technophile. Will has worked and been educated at various institutions, including UC Santa Barbara, and Opus Logica, Inc. Will has been immersed in blockchain and has made several contributions to running blockchain on small devices.

Stephen Bell | vc partner

Steve lends his enviable business acumen and deep experience as a venture capitalist to Opus, helping us vet opportunities, and advising companies on strategy and direction. After building 4 successful companies of his own, Steve moved on to become one of the early investors in young startups in China, investing startup capital in over 100 companies. He is a surfing, Tesla driving, dog loving whirlwind.

Opus Logica Internship Program

The Opus Logica Internship Program is desgined to both enhance the richness and education of its interns, and to provide a base of inquisitiveness and thoughtful introspection upon which next generation solutions are built. We welcome students who have the focus and desire to learn cutting edge technologies and process in a think-tank-like environment.

If you think that this program would be
a good fit for you, please !


We care about the world we live in. We can make a difference so we look for projects that have a social impact.

Open Source Voting

National Association of Voting Officials

NAVO's and CAVO's mission is to develop and make available open source voting systems for use in public elections, as well as to provide training, education and management practices to election officials for the effective employment of technologies.

Brian is CAVO's Technology Board Member.

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